Text Message

A text message is a plain message with only text and are the primary message block we use to communicate with the user.

When to use text messages

A text message is a plain message with only text. They are used to plainly convey information conversationally and as preambles to user choices using buttons, form and other message types.

How to create a text message

Via the no-code text message in Message Editor

Navigate to the Message Editor and create a text block by clicking the Add text block icon in the Layout section. You can add as many text blocks to your message as required.

If you would like to include a link in your text message, you can do this by pasting in the full URL in the message box. This will then be shown as a clickable link in OpenDialog's web chat Preview.

To use emojis in your text, you can copy and paste from a website such as https://emojihub.org/. If you are on a Mac, you can bring up an emoji keyboard with control + command + space.

Saving a message: Always remember to hit 'Save Message' before closing or navigating away from the edit screen.

Via the custom message in Message Editor

Navigate to the Message Editor and create a Custom Message. Select text-message from the message type drop down menu and the XML Snippet field will automatically be populated with a code template.

Fill in the template with the properties of your particular message and when you are happy with it make sure to save your message and test it in the Test Preview chat window.

If you change your mind and select a different message type after generating the XML code, the new message code will be appended in the same window so make sure to delete the old message code.

For all message types, a key element to take into consideration is Accessibility, especially for messages that include customisation with multimedia types such as buttons, images and links. For all information on accessibility within OpenDialog, please click here.


<text-message> Write the text you would like to display in your message here. Emojis can be inserted here too. For instructions see no-code text message.

XML Snippet

A plain message with only text. Specially formatted links can also be included in the text body



    Hello, this is a text message.

Messages can also contain URLs in the text - that will be linkified. Links like greenshootlabs.com in the message text will be turned to links.

      You can have a link straing in text like this: hey go to greenshootlabs.com or you can do this:

There is no support at the moment for any other formatting such as bold, italics etc

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