Message Design

Keep your conversational application ahead of the curve and drive quicker user adoption and user retention using visual cues and suggestions in a hybrid user interface, combining conversational and well-known graphical user interface patterns. This reduces cognitive load, allowing users to focus on their goals, thanks to a personalized, adaptive interface.

A low-code message editor

OpenDialog's low-code Message editor gives you access to the messages in the scenario and allows you to add, edit and delete messages. Within this section you will find information on how to find, use and utilise all the available features of the OpenDialog message editor.

An enriched user experience

OpenDialog's modular approach to messages allows you to take advantage of rich UI components, surface specific messages on your terms and personalize them to make them relevant to specific users or use cases. Check out the following sections to take your conversational application from simple question answering to a truly personalised hybrid experience :

A diverse and rich set of message types

There are many different message types that are available for use within a conversation. This section of the documentation will take us through exact specific message type in detail, informing us on how and where to find and use messages in order to customise our OpenDialog experience.

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