Creating and managing users

On setup, there will be at least one user in the workspace. Any users may add additional users.

Adding a new user

To enable the members of your team to access the instance, you will have to add them as users on your OpenDialog account.

Note that users are added to the workspace, not to a specific scenario.

To do this you need to use a "hidden" page by adding "/users" to the URL after "/admin". E.g. <instance-name> click on the 'Create' button, fill out their details and click 'Create'.

Once you've set up the new user account you need to notify the user directly and inform them, since NO email is automatically sent out.

Instruct the user to

  • Go to your instance URL e.g. <instance-name>

  • Click on the 'I forgot my password' link to set up their password and log in

Deleting a user

To remove a user from your instance visit <instance-name>, click on 'X' next to the user you want to remove, then 'yes' on the pop-up and the user will be removed.

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