Language Services

What is a language service?

To interpret an end user's input, your conversational application needs to be equipped with natural language processing (NLP) capabilities. OpenDialog's language services allow you to set up this capability directly in the OpenDialog interface.

When to use a language service

By creating a language service in OpenDialog, you gain the convenience of managing your language model within a single interface. This model can then be used across various scenarios in OpenDialog, making your development process more efficient.

Types of language services

Currently, OpenDialog tailors to two types of language services: intent classification and a knowledge service for retrieval augmented generation.

Intent classification

Using our intent classification service, you will define intents and entities to then utilize them in your scenarios through an interpreter. This will allow your application to categorize incoming user input into separate intents and extract any mentioned entities.

For exemple : "when are you open until", "when do you close" = OpeningHoursIntent

Knowledge service

An upcoming release will allow you to add a knowledge service to your OpenDialog scenarios. This feature will enable you to define topics you want to make available for conversation to your users and add related text sources to each topic. This type of knowledge service, underpinned by a large language model, will allow your application to generate relevant responses to your users based on the provided text sources.

Where to find

You can access the language services section of the platform directly from the Workspace Dashboard.

  • Log into your OpenDialog account

  • You will access your workspace and immediately see the workspace dashboard

  • From there, click on `Create/Manage language services' in the central panel to access the language services section of the platform

  • You can also access Language Services from the main menu on the left when you are viewing your workspace dashboard

  • You are now in the Language Services section of OpenDialog 🙌

How to use

Read more about our different language services and how to use them:

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