List Message

List messages allow for multiple messages to be combined into a single message for the user that is displayed as a carousel that users can scroll between. These are good for displaying multiple search

When to use list messages

A list message is a message that essentially looks like a carousel. Within this carousel you can have multiple different items, like a list, that contain information. List messages work well together with rich messages but can be used as a wrapper for any messages types.

A carousel list message in your OpenDialog chatbot can be quite useful for various purposes. For example, if you're running an e-commerce chatbot, a carousel can display multiple products at once, allowing users to browse through a selection and choose what interests them. They add visual interest to the conversation, making interactions more engaging and intuitive for users.

How to create a list message

Via the custom message in Message Editor

Navigate to the Message Editor and create a Custom Message. Select list-message from the message type drop down menu and the XML Snippet field will automatically be populated with a code template.

Fill in the template with the properties of your particular message and when you are happy with it make sure to save your message and test it in the Test Preview chat window.

If you change your mind and select a different message type after generating the XML code, the new message code will be appended in the same window so make sure to delete the old message code.

For all message types, a key element to take into consideration is Accessibility, especially for messages that include customisation with multimedia types such as buttons, images and links. For all information on accessibility within OpenDialog, please click here.


The only option available for list messages is view-type. This can either be vertical (default) or horizontal

Within each item of your list message, you can also add a rich message. See the rich message page for more information

XML Snippet

<list-message list_type="horizontal">

Saving a message: Always remember to hit 'Save Message' before closing or navigating away from the edit screen.

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