Conversation Handover message

Conversation handover messages are intended to be used to inform OpenDialog that the handling of chat has been taken over by another channel (typically a human).

When to use conversation handover messages

In OpenDialog webchat, using a conversation handover message means that new messages sent by the user are not sent to the incoming/webchat endpoint, but are handled by an external system.

Hand to system messages contain a number of data elements that have a unique name specifying what they are for. This way, any custom data payload can be sent with hand to system messages

How to create a rich message

Via the no-code conversation handover message in Message Editor

Navigate to the Message Editor and create a conversation handover block by clicking the Add conversation handover block icon in the Layout section.

From here you can fill out the text you want your message to initially read, link your message to a specific handover integration, and then set any text you want to display should your customer be passed back from the live agent to your OpenDialog chatbot.

Via the custom message in Message Editor

Navigate to the Message Editor and create a conversation message`. Select hand-to-system-message from the message type drop down menu and the XML Snippet field will automatically be populated with a code template.

Fill in the template with the properties of your particular message and when you are happy with it make sure to save your message and test it in the Test Preview chat window.

For all message types, a key element to take into consideration is Accessibility, especially for messages that include customisation with multimedia types such as buttons, images and links. For all information on accessibility within OpenDialog, please click here.

XML Snippet

 <hand-to-system-message system="chatwoot">
    <data name="handover_text">You are now connected to a live agent. They will be with you shortly.</data>
    <data name="handover_id">my_configured_handover_id</data>
    <data name="handover_return_text">Thanks for chatting with our agent. Is there anything else we can help you with today?</data>

Saving a message: Always remember to hit 'Save Message' before closing or navigating away from the edit screen.

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