User Tracking

There are data layer variables pre-set within WebChat to enable user tracking data to be passed into Tag Manager and then into Google Analytics instances.

If you have a dataLayer variable defined on the page that the OpenDialog bot lives on, a number of events that happen in the chatbot will be passed to it as the bot is used.


The current list of events sent:

Chatbot Events

These are triggered by the user open/closing or interacting with the chat window

  • chat_displayed - Triggered when the chat is first displayed to the user

  • chatbot_minimized- Triggered when the chatbot is minimised

  • chatbot_maximized- Triggered when the chatbot is opened

  • download_chat_transcript- Triggered when the user downloads the transcript, if the option if available.

  • end_chat - Triggered when the user clicks on the 'end chat' link

  • confirm_end_chat- Triggered when user clicks on 'yes' after the clicking on 'end chat'

  • url_clicked (along with url clicked and text) - Triggered when a user clicks on an outboard link.

Message Events

These events related directly to messages sent from the user or the chatbot

  • form_submitted (along with callback_idand message text) - Triggered when the user submits a form.

  • form_cancelled (along with callback_id) - Triggered when the user cancels a form submission.

  • user_clicked_button_in_chatbot (along with label) - Triggered when the user clicks on any button within the chatbot.

  • message_sent_to_chatbot - Triggered each time the user interacts or responds to the chatbot

  • message_received_from_chatbot (along with message id) - Triggered each time the chatbot sends a message.

The 1.0 version is currently in development - we will be adding more as we go on!

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