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The goal of this page is NOT to be a comprehensive list of resources on conversation design and UX. It is also not an endorsement (or lack thereof) of thought leaders and those who publish in the space. It is simply a list of resources that have been relevant to the conversation design team. Some of these resources are not specific to conversation design and instead focus on more traditional interfaces such as web and mobile app. There is much we can learn from these sources and apply to conversational interfaces.
Conversation design
There are a number of valuable resources, both newer and older (and still very relevant), some more academic in nature, some less.
UX strategy
While these books are not focused on conversational experiences, the principles of UX strategy equally apply to the user experience aspects of conversational experiences.
Assistant personality and tone
The assistant's personality and tone are a critical part of a successful conversational experience. Much can be learned from UX writing and applied to conversational AI.
Psychology for user experience
Another UX resource with a wealth of information that can be applied to conversational experiences.
Large language models and ChatGPT
Natural language processing
Target audience: older adults