Building 'The Power Of OpenDialog' conversational app

A tutorial to guide you through the process of building The Power Of OpenDialog, a button-driven (or guided) conversation that demonstrates the different features and capabilities of OpenDialog.
Overview video
In this tutorial, we are going to have a look at the following:
  • Demonstrating the capabilities and features of OpenDialog’s webchat.
  • How to design good conversations.
  • Understanding how to design conversations in terms of the OpenDialog conversation model.
  • How to create intents, messages and buttons.
  • Learning how to build a fully functional bot and gain a good grasp of some practical ways that you could use OpenDialog.
Before you dive into the tutorial you can see The Power of OpenDialog in action on our website. This will be a good reference for you whilst you're building out your own version of the application.
Ready to get started? Our plan for this series will begin with: