Getting Started With OpenDialog
A quick introduction to the basics of OpenDialog
Following the introduction into the concepts that drive how OpenDialog models conversational applications - let us now dive into the tool itself.
To get started you can either install it on your own machine or sign-up to the SaaS version of OpenDialog.
What we will do in the subsequent sections is run through how you can:
You can also watch the following video to get a high-level overview of OpenDialog's Conversational Components:
Give yourself some time to ease into the OpenDialog way of doing things and keep in mind that the documentation is constantly updated to cover all the various components!
At the end of this section, you will have set up and understood the basics around a scenario and all of its components incl. messages. You will not have a full conversation up and running.
What do after this section? Work through 'The Power of OpenDialog' tutorial or the documentation under the 'Working with OpenDialog' section. You can also follow one of our other tutorials once you're ready.
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