Product Chooser template application

The product chooser and product support application is available as a template within OpenDialog.


The Product Chooser Template is an OpenDialog Conversational Application (for the webchat interface) designed to help customers choose a product from recommendations which are generated after they've answered a few validating questions.

The scenario was originally built around the use case of a customer looking for a pair of running shoes. However, the structure can be adapted to fit any situation where the aim is to provide some recommendations after having collected some relevant information.

Key features of this template to note:

  • Flexible information gathering in context, tailoring to multiple, possible, conversational patterns including FAQ questions, updating gathered information and more...

  • Support for side conversations throughout the conversation, allowing users to sidetrack and the application to provide contextual, graceful, just-in-time recovery.

  • FAQ setup for easy integration with your knowledge base or Q&A-interpreter service

  • Rich carousel messages that showcase recommended products and interactive menus, to help guide the users during their choice of a product

  • Form messages to collect relevant information from the user

Key Conversations

These are the key conversations:

Welcome Conversation - Welcomes the user to the experience, provides support for them to move forward to the "Gather Experience" conversation and also supports FAQ questions.

Gather Experience - The main objective of this conversation is to gather the key pieces of information required to provide some recommendations to the user.

Recommendations - In this conversation, the application will provide recommendations to the user. The user can then either continue the conversation or make a change to their previous choices.

Purchase - After a user picks a product we move them to the Purchase phase where they can complete relevant information and pay for the product.

Feedback - The Feedback conversation allows you to gather relevant feedback from the user after their purchasing experience or when they decide to end the conversation.

Offboard - The Offboard conversation offboards the user with an appropriate message.

No Match Conversation - This catch-all 'No Match' conversation allows the application to fail gracefully when any intent parsing goes wrong. The template caters for localised no matches as well (i.e. No Match turns within a scene). You can find out more about this here.

Trigger - The Trigger conversation captures intents that are supposed to start the entire conversation such as when the user loads WebChat (intent.core.welcome ) or when the user clicks on the WebChat restart icon (intent.core.restart). You can find out more about this here. We recommend not making any major changes to this conversation, unless you have a specific purpose in mind - as this might break the overall functionality of the application.

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