Designing in OpenDialog

Several resources are available to help you design engaging conversations in OpenDialog.

Best practices for great experiences

If you've followed along with the different pages in this current Best practices for great experiences section, you are now ready to build both the structure and messages for your conversational experience in the OpenDialog platform. Be sure to review the Conversational Patterns pages in the current section.

OpenDialog Academy

If you are not familiar with the OpenDialog platform, the OpenDialog Academy offers video-based lessons to help you get started with the mechanics of using the platform. The Core Concepts course is the first course in the series, and teaches the basics of the OpenDialog model, the interface, and how to build a simple application. The Advanced Topics course offers a number of modules that you may or may not choose to work through, based on your specific role and the needs of your conversational experience. For instance, one of the modules covers Alexa skill building.

If you haven't signed up for the OpenDialog Academy yet and are interested, email

Reference documentation

In addition to the courses, the information in the "Working with OpenDialog" section of this documentation provides reference documentation for the functionality in the OpenDialog platform.

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